Most states do not require a parcel to have travel agent license or certificate, but some require travel agent license (TAL) to register with the state. This process usually involves filling out a form, paying a fee, and receiving a registration number that agents (receiver) must display at their place of business or home address. Note that these fees are quite high.

In an event where a receiver already has a diplomatic delivery, the travel agent licensing fee will be refundable and can only be issued by your courier company(CX). You will have to present your registration number to the CX delivery agent at the time of your delivery and your refunds will be processed right in front of you. This fee is none-refundable for government officials, senators and mayors.

Clients/Agents from the following states below MUST have a Travel Agent License else their items will be confiscated. Every confiscated parcel always end up being investigated. And if you have contraband items in your package, CX takes absolutely no responsibility for that. You will have to explain that to the judge all by yourself. 

States requiring TAL are as follows: Florida, Pennsylvania, Utah, New York, Virginia, Delaware, Alabama, Illinois, Texas, Maryland, Vermont, New Jersey, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Louisiana and New Mexico.

For international clients with a diplomatic delivery, you need TAL and IL (Import License). International clients are advised to get these two documents ready before parcel arrives at their port of entry. Your item might be confiscated if you do not provide these documents as mentioned earlier.